Circular roller bearings are fundamentally used to bear outspread load,and can likewise bear a specific measure of hub load, yet by and large can’t bear unadulterated pivotal burden. The external ring raceway of this sort of bearing is circular, so it makes them adjust performance.When the shaft is twisted or shifted and the centerline of the internal ring and the centerline of the external ring are not beyond what 0.5°~2°,the bearing can in any case be ordinary work

Profound depression metal ball ; Cylindrical roller bearing ; Spherical roller bearing ;

Rakish contact metal ball ; Taper roller bearing ; Thrust metal ball ;

Push roller bearing and so forth

Extension bearing for jaw smashers can be utilized in numerous applications. Models including mining hardware, oil creation, steel creation, purifying, and mining. Some round roller bearings are utilized in briquetting machines, elastic blending hardware, moving plants, rotational dryers or mash and paper apparatus. Others are utilized in development hardware, crushers,motors, blowers and fans, gears and drives,plastic apparatus, machine instruments, and footing engines and siphons.

1.How many is the MOQ of your organization?

Our organization MOQ is 1pcs.

2.Could you acknowledge OEM and modify?

Indeed, OEM is acknowledged and we can tweak for you as Cone crusher bearing supplier indicated by test or drawing.

3.How about the corner?

In stocks,some are white ,and some are dark.

Be that as it may, we can handle the white corner to black,also dark to white.

4.Do you have stocks?

Indeed, we have the majority of the bearings appearing on alibaba in stock,especialy huge bearings.

5.Do you have just enormous bearings?

We have big,medium and little bearings in stock.But huge bearing is the benefit

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